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How we work

We work with independent reinsurance intermediaries to originate a flow of treaty opportunities that fit our assuming partner carriers’ risk parameters and appetites. We facilitate the underwriting and due diligence process and if a prospective opportunity passes rigorous hurdles, we then recommend terms and conditions to our partner carriers for their agreement to proceed. The partner carriers retain full authority for final offered terms and final binding of their line.

What we do

  • Deal sourcing through reinsurance intermediaries
  • Underwriting due diligence and analysis including auditing
  • Actuarial and claims due diligence as needed
  • Contract wording review
  • Ongoing Servicing as directed by our partners carriers
  • Advise on negotiation of treaty terms and contract wording
  • Pontus has no authority to bind insurance or reinsurance policies or contracts, handle insurance or reinsurance claims, or operate in any fiduciary capacity.

Other services

In addition, services can be more specifically tailored to suit our partners’ needs, such as the following:

  • Sourcing, analysis and due diligence of opportunities for collateralized reinsurers
  • Advisory services and analysis for specific Lloyd’s of London opportunities (Funds at Lloyd’s investments or reinsurance)
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Our Partners
Partner Carriers:

Pontus operates under consulting agreements with the following assuming reinsurers (partner carriers):

  • Dorinco Reinsurance Company
    • Domiciled in MI, with an AM Best rating of “A” and statutory surplus over $600 million.
    • Dorinco: https://www.dorinco.com
  • FG Reinsurance Company, Ltd. (parent FG Financial Inc. “FGF”)
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Pontus works with independent reinsurance intermediaries to source treaty reinsurance business, working closely with our partner carriers. Our partner carriers’ seek low volatility treaty reinsurance for small to medium sized niche and specialty insurers. Most original lines of property, casualty, and specialty business are considered. Funds at Lloyd’s (FAL) opportunities for Lloyd’s of London syndicates are also considered.

Other Partners:

Pontus Re also provides niche and specialty underwriting services to other risk partners on a consulting or retainer basis.

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